Rates & Schedule

Pricing Kennel

The price

By day : 29.00$

** The price is 35$ for one day only, less than 24 hours (if the pension lasts only one day)

For 1 consecutive month : 750.00$

The regular price for the pension of a day is 29.00$ for a complete 24 hours.
By example: Friday night to Sunday night, will cost you only 58$ for the weekend.

* The price for the holidays (24 December to 6 January) is 35.00$.

To confirm your reservation a deposit is now required to the amount that can vary between 1 to 3 days depending on the time of stay of your pet.
Any cancellation must be mentioned at least 24 hours before your pet's date of stay, otherwise you will be charged for the first day of your pet's stay.
Other fees:
  • Extra cost of 3.00$ applies to medical treatment.

* All fees are payable at the arrival of your dog. Taxes are additional.

It is obligatory to have proof of vaccination less than 12 months old for your dog.
The high quality food is included in the bording, however we recommend that you bring your own food for your pet, because if you change the dog's diet, it can can stress the animal and cause a little indigestion.

We do the transport, pick-up and delivery

On the South Shore ~ from 25.00$ by picking and from 25.00$ for delivering
(Brossard, Greenfield Park, La Prairie, Saint-Lambert, Saint-Hubert, Longueuil, Chambly, Saint-Bruno, Boucherville, Candiac)

In Montreal and l'île-des Soeurs ~ from 50.00$ by picking and from 50.00$ for delivering

The final costs will be mentioned when you will ask for a pickup or delivery depending on your location.